SHARE Unites Dozens of NYC’s Best Chefs at “A Second Helping of Life” Benefit

Top, left to right: Karen Page and Jodi Kantor; Dirt Candy’s Amanda Cohen and Karen Page; actresses Daphne Rubin-Vega and Kathleen Chalfant to the left and right of Karen Page (holding KITCHEN CREATIVITY); Bottom, left to right: Delaware & Hudson’s Patti Jackson, media guru Valerie Smaldone, and Karen Page; Karen Page and Melba’s Melba Wilson; Ellie Krieger, Amy’s Bread’s Amy Scherber, and Karen Page; and Karen Page with Diane Forley and Letty Cottin Pogrebin

“Accompanying the chefs are female celebrities who serve as sous chefs. Expected to attend are Becky Ann Baker of ‘Girls,’ Broadway star Kathleen Chalfant and our own anchor Sade Baderinwa.”

Dozens of the best chefs in Manhattan (who just happen to be women) offered tastes of their signature dishes last night, with the assistance of dozens of “Celebrity Sous Chefs” (including TV anchors, actresses and authors) to benefit survivors of ovarian and breast cancers at the 14th annual “A Second Helping of Life” tasting event organized by SHARE.

SHARE is a nationwide community that brings support, information and the benefit of experience to women of all ages, races and backgrounds facing breast or ovarian cancer.

Angie Mar, Executive Chef of Beatrice Inn, served as the event’s Executive Chef. Participating chefs also included Alison Awerbuch (Abigail Kirsch Catering), Lynn Bound (54 Below), Rebecca Charles (Pearl Oyster Bar), Amanda Cohen (Dirt Candy), Diane Forley (Meringue Shop), Food Network’s Alex Guarnaschelli (Butter), Abigail Hitchcock (Camaje), Patti Jackson (Delaware and Hudson), Sarah Jenkins (Porchetta), Sarabeth Levine (Sarabeth’s), Anita LoSawako Okochi (Shalom Japan), Amy Scherber (Amy’s Bread), Barbara Sibley (La Palapa), Roxanne Spruance (Kingsley’s), Sue TorresJessica Weiss (Maialino), and Melba Wilson (Melba’s).

2017 “Celebrity Sous Chefs” included actress Becky Ann Baker, Peabody Award-winning journalist and WNYC senior editor Andrea Bernstein, TV journalist Brenda Blackmon, CBS2’s Mary Calvi, author Lourdes Castro, actress Kathleen Chalfant, actress Tandy Cronyn, ballerina Megan Fairchild, TV journalist Donna Hanover,  WPIX11’s Magee Hickey, author Jodi Kantor, author Ellie Krieger, entrepreneur Lisa-Ann Marchesi, author Karen Page, author and Ms. magazine founding editor Letty Cottin Pogrebin, writer Joanna Pruess, ballerina Teresa Reichlen, CUNY-TV’s Carol Anne Riddell, actress Krysta Rodriguez, actress Daphne Rubin-Vega, media personality Valerie Smaldone, WCBS-FM’s Patty Steele, author Abigail Thomas, writer Joyce Wadler, and actress Kirsten Wyatt.

SHARE touches an estimated 60,000 lives each year nationally, providing peer-led support services in English and Spanish and free education from top cancer experts to women with breast and ovarian cancers and their families, including those in underserved communities, in order to bring about better health care, an improved quality of life and a cure for these diseases.

SHARE’s “A Second Helping of Life” event is held annually in September.  For more information, visit

THE FLAVOR BIBLE Celebrates Its Birthday September 16th

“One of the 10 best cookbooks in the world of the past century.”
–Alex Munipov, Forbes

It’s THE FLAVOR BIBLE‘s birthday today!

We hope you’ll help us celebrate by telling a friend about a book that is beloved by professional chefs and home cooks alike for its ability to inspire creativity in the kitchen.

When we posted word of THE FLAVOR BIBLE‘s birthday on our social media yesterday, our hearts were warmed by comments from readers, including:

“Congratulations! I tell everybody about your book and was carrying it around for inspiration just the other day!”
–Chef Stephanie Abrams of Rotisserie Georgette, via Instagram

“Wonderful book…[greetings] from Colombia.”
–Edwin Acosta, culinary student, via Instagram

“Love these books.”
–James Aptakin, via Facebook

“we heart the flavor bible!!! xx”
–Katie Bell, via Twitter

–Chef Kevin Brothers, via Instagram

“It is not really a cookbook in the traditional sense, it is however, a book every kitchen should have. I use mine on a regular basis and have given it as a gift many times.”
–Bulletpondcook, via Instagram

“One of my favorite & most used books.”
–Michael Buono, via Twitter

“It’s amazing.”
–Santiago Calle, via Facebook

“This is my most used and referenced book. I adore it!”
–CulinaryVagabond, via Instagram

“Developing a recipe without The Flavor Bible. I mean, I could but why would I want to?”
–Danimal, via Twitter

My favorite book!! The Flavor BiBle❤️”
–Veronika Duran, via Facebook

“It is my favorite cookbook….happy birthday and THANK YOU.”
–Karin @yumandmore, via Instagram

–Kiehrauy, via Instagram

“This is my ultimate Cook Book – it always matches up – deliciously – with whatever is in my fridge & pantry! Thanks – y’all make me into a Gourmet chef!!!”
–Molly B. MacKinnon, via Instagram

“It is one of my favorite gifts to young chefs.”
–Namaste_on_a_plate, via Instagram

“My favorite!”
–Chef Carl Watts, via Instagram

“One of my favorites.”
–Element Wines, via Instagram

We’d love to hear how THE FLAVOR BIBLE has influenced you and your cooking — so if you’re so inspired, please feel free to share a comment either here or on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages, in honor of its birthday!  #HappyBirthdayToTheFlavorBible

THE FLAVOR BIBLE is available at better bookstores everywhere, and has been translated into Chinese, French, German, and Russian.

KITCHEN CREATIVITY To Be Published by Little, Brown on October 31, 2017

In this groundbreaking exploration of culinary genius, the authors of THE FLAVOR BIBLE reveal the surprising strategies great chefs use to do what they do best. Beyond a cookbook, KITCHEN CREATIVITY is a paradigm-shifting guide to inventive cooking (without recipes!) that will inspire you to think, improvise, and cook like the world’s best chefs….”
–from the flap copy for KITCHEN CREATIVITY

Our Summer of 2017 (and of 2016, and of 2015, and of 2014 for that matter) might have disappeared in the blink of an eye, but we couldn’t be more thrilled to have something wonderful to show for it:  finishing our next book KITCHEN CREATIVITY, which is being published by Little, Brown and is due to appear on bookstore shelves on October 31st.

Based on personal interviews with dozens of the world’s most creative chefs — including Jose Andres, Michael Anthony, Damon Baehrel, Dan Barber, Rick Bayless, Daniel Boulud, Amanda Cohen, Kyle Connaughton, Curtis Duffy, Patrick O’Connell, Ghaya Oliveira, Eric Ripert, Marcus Samuelsson, Nancy Silverton, and Joshua Skenes — as well as our in-depth research on dozens more, KITCHEN CREATIVITY shares the best practices behind their creative processes — and how you can put them to work in your own kitchen.

Fans of THE FLAVOR BIBLE, CULINARY ARTISTRY, and BECOMING A CHEF, this one’s for you — and we can assure you that you’ll want to pre-order your copy at your favorite bookstore.  And fans of creativity books in general, this one’s for you, too.  As MacArthur Fellow Robert Root-Bernstein and his wife and co-author Michelle Root-Bernstein wrote in their book Sparks of Genius:
Learning to think creatively in one discipline opens the door to understanding creative thinking in all disciplines.

KITCHEN CREATIVITY: Unlocking Culinary Genius–With Wisdom, Inspiration, and Ideas from the World’s Most Creative Chefs by Karen Page, with photographs by Andrew Dornenburg (Little, Brown; Fall 2017), will be available October 31st.

Tasting Table’s Abby Reisner: THE FLAVOR BIBLE One of “13 Essential Cookbooks Every Home Cook Should Own”

THE FLAVOR BIBLE:  Less a cookbook and more an instruction manual, this companion gives you the tools you need to become a great cook. Spend some time getting to know which flavors play well with others, and you’ll find yourself comfortable freestyling at the stove.”
Abby Reisner,

Abby Reisner, Assistant Editor of, lists “The 13 Essential Cookbooks Every Home Cook Should Own,” which she describes as “a baker’s dozen of the tried-and-true cookbooks we turn to time after time” — and which include THE FLAVOR BIBLE.

Reisner writes, “Behind every great home cook is a dog-eared cookbook, stained with olive oil and splashes of red wine that they were ‘cooking with.’ Just ask any member of our digital cookbook club (which you can join here), and they’ll tell you: A good book makes for the best sous-chef. Here’s a baker’s dozen of the tried-and-true cookbooks we turn to time after time.”

We’re delighted to see THE FLAVOR BIBLE amidst such a distinguished group, which also include Julia Child‘s Mastering the Art of French Cooking and Rose Levy Beranbaum‘s The Cake Bible.

You can find Abby’s entire list here.

Tasting Table is the self-described modern media brand for a new generation of food and drink enthusiasts.

Legendary Pastry Chef Dieter Schorner Is Celebrated For Turning 80 Over Lunch at Porter House Bar & Grill

Top left: Porter House Bar and Grill chef-partner Michael Lomonaco with legendary pastry chef Dieter Schorner; Top middle: Dieter Schorner with Ray Mulvey; Top right: Ray Mulvey, Andrew Dornenburg, Dieter Schorner, Rose Levy Beranbaum, and Michael Lomonaco; Bottom left: Karen Page joins other guests to salute Dieter Schorner’s 80th birthday; Bottom middle top: Mimi Sheraton with Dieter Schorner; Bottom middle bottom: Dieter Schorner and his wife Sylvie; Bottom right: Dieter Schorner and Karen Page

“Customers, increasingly, are also listened to, because many chefs rely on special customer requests ‘as a way of making sure they keep innovating.’ Thank goodness, though, that Dieter Schorner, of New York’s La Cote Basque, did not put too much stock in the yens of Salvador Dali, who once, five nights in a row, ordered fried parsley as his entree and broiled grapefruit with honey for dessert.”
Judith Dobrzynski, in The New York Timesbusiness section review of our book BECOMING A CHEF

Dieter Schorner, a legend in the world of pastry, recently celebrated his 80th birthday when his wife Sylvie surprised him with a trip to Europe.

So he was surprised to celebrate it again today, when a large table of his friends and admirers — including bestselling cookbook author Rose Levy Beranbaum and her husband Elliott, and former New York Times restaurant critic Mimi Sheraton, who once named Schorner one of the two best pastry chefs in America in the pages of Time magazine, gathered for lunch at Chef Michael Lomonaco‘s Porter House Bar & Grill to raise a toast to him.

Sheraton recalled today her visit many years ago with a Times editor to Le Chantilly, where one taste of a tuile at dessert time prompted her to inquire, “Is Dieter Schorner your pastry chef now?”  He in fact was — and her editor was blown away.  She said identifying him was simple — everyone else used almonds for their tuiles, but only Dieter used hazelnuts.

Rose Levy Beranbaum was in the midst of researching her next book when she realized she needed instruction in making danish, and started mulling over a trip to Europe.  Instead, suggested Julia Child herself, why don’t you simply study with Dieter Schorner?  And so she did — and the two have been friends ever since.

Many know that we go way back with Dieter, whom we interviewed for our first book BECOMING A CHEF, which was first published in 1995.  But our admiration for the former pastry chef of Le Cirque (where he introduced America to creme brulee) and La Cote Basque goes back more than a decade before that.

In fact, Karen was one of his best customers during his brief stint at the chic Austrian patisserie on Wall Street called Die Fledermaus, which he joined back in 1984 — although she knew nothing of his restaurant-world celebrity status.  She only knew that the pastries and desserts (including an extraordinary plum tart and chocolate ganache cake) she enjoyed there more afternoons than not when she wasn’t traveling for work were the very best she’d ever tasted — and always managed to bring a smile to her face even when the stresses of work and heartache could not.

Having moved on from Wall Street in 1985, Karen had lost track of Dieter until the late 1980s when she was at graduate school at Harvard and ended up reading Mimi Sheraton’s article in Time magazine celebrating him (for which she thanked Mimi today!) — and was shocked to learn of her too-humble friend’s stellar restaurant world career before they’d met.  As Sheraton’s article also mentioned that he’d opened his own Patisserie Cafe Didier in Washington, DC’s Georgetown neighborhood, it was only a matter of time until she made her way to DC to pay him a visit and reconnected.

After Andrew first met Dieter and tasted his desserts, he figured out a way to spend a few days in his kitchen to learn from the master.  While Dieter makes the best souffles we’ve ever tasted, ever since studying with him Andrew’s haven’t been so far behind (says Karen).

Having traveled across the country on book tour after book tour, we’ve met countless CIA graduates who have studied with Dieter, and their reactions to our bringing up his name are inevitably ones of delight.  Dozens if not hundreds of students have spoken to us of their awe of his talent and love of his humble personality and generous spirit.

One we met today was Erin McDowell, a student of Dieter’s at the Culinary Institute of America who sang Dieter’s praises as a pastry world genius who inspired her along her path to coming out with her own first cookbook this fall called The Fearless Baker (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Oct. ’17).

We were also delighted to meet Ray Mulvey, a former student from Dieter’s brief stint teaching at the French Culinary Institute, who is researching and writing a book on Dieter’s lifetime of lessons learned cooking for Presidents, dignitaries, and celebrities, as well as teaching.  (Ray, please sign us up for a case or two to start, as we can already imagine dozens of people to whom we’d want to gift copies.)

Our heartfelt best wishes to legendary pastry chef Dieter Schorner on this milestone birthday — and we look forward to toasting his 85th (or sooner!) with copies of this forthcoming book in hand!

Pastry Art & Design magazine inducted Dieter Schorner into its Hall of Fame in 2008. He was owner of Patisserie-Café Didier in Washington, DC, until selling it in 1998, and the restaurant was named the third best in America by Condé Nast Traveler in 1994. Chef Schorner was previously executive pastry chef for Warner LeRoy at Potomac Restaurant in Washington, DC, and Tavern on the Green in New York City. He was also pastry chef at such distinguished locations as Le Cirque, Le Chantilly, La Côte Basque, and L’Etoile in New York; the Savoy Hotel in London; and Cafehaus Konig in Baden-Baden, Germany.

In 1988, Time magazine called Schorner one of the two the best pastry chefs in the United States. Food & Wine listed him among “America’s Best Chefs” and Gourmet said Schorner “is one of the indisputable grand masters of his métier.” The native of Bavaria has prepared desserts for three U.S. presidents, and every day, his students have attested how lucky they are to continue to learn at the hand of this legendary pastry chef, mentor, and teacher.

“Fear is like having one foot on the brakes — it slows you down, so your car goes nowhere.  Learn from your mistakes — and let go.”
Dieter Schorner, on his advice to aspiring chefs

Pastry chef Dieter Schorner is a long-time beloved pastry arts instructor at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY.

Chef Michael Lomonaco and his team at Porter House Bar & Grill never fail to delight guests — even pescetarians (especially those who love grilled salmon) and vegetarians / vegans (with delicious mushroom risotto).  Time Warner Center, 10 Columbus Circle, New York City.

Food Network Host Tregaye Fraser Gifts “Cinderella Chefs” With Cooking Skills, Self-Esteem, and CULINARY ARTISTRY

Left: Three “Cinderella Chefs” with their copies of CULINARY ARTISTRY; Right, top: Chef Tregaye Fraser; Right, bottom: Chef Tregaye’s Instagram photo of the gifts given to the 15 participants, which include CULINARY ARTISTRY

“The Saving Our Daughters Foundation recently launched their inaugural Saving Our Cinderellas, a three-week cooking program geared toward teaching young girls how to cook delicious and healthy meals to prevent future health risks and reduce the consumption of fast food.  The foundation teamed with Atlanta Chef Tregaye Fraser to debut the course at the prestigious Ron Clark Academy.  A small, hand-picked class of girls, ranging from fifth grade to eighth grade, brimmed with glee and curiosity as they were introduced to nontraditional foods, such as radishes, arugula and ginger.” (June 21, 2017)

Chef Tregaye Fraser, who won Season 12 of “Food Network Star” and co-hosts “Kitchen Sink,” is not one to let moss grow under her proverbial chefs’ clogs.

Last week, she convened her Junior Chef Summer Camp for 15 Atlanta-based girls (grades 5th-8th) from Ron Clark Academy who were chosen to participate through Saving Our Daughters’ Cinderella program that deters bullying and promotes the development of self-esteem through the arts.   

“I’ve wanted to do a junior chef program for a while now,” said Chef Tregaye told “I think it’s so important for young girls to learn how to cook. I want them to be able to create and cook amazing food so they can pass that along to their families.”

We were delighted to learn that each “Cinderella Chef” received a knife kit, a thermometer, and a copy of our book CULINARY ARTISTRY.

On their first day, the girls learned knife skills and plating, and prepared a citrus fruit salad with goat cheese and pomegranate gastrique which allowed them to hone their dressing technique.

While this program is launching in Atlanta, Saving Our Daughters has plans to expand the program across the country. “This is our pilot program at the Ron Clark Academy but our vision is to have this [cooking] program in all of our Saving Our Cinderellas Programs nationwide,” Saving Our Daughters’ Bianca Ash told “We have such a passionate relationship with the Ron Clark Academy so it only made sense to have it here but we’re definitely taking this program to our girls in New York, L.A. and Chicago.”

We’re happy to cheer on Chef Tregaye’s efforts here in New York City, and beyond.

Chef Tregaye Fraser‘s Cinderella Chefs summer camp was also reported inNStyleAtlanta:

(For other coverage, see and

Chef Tregaye Fraser is at

Saving Our Daughters is at

10 Finalists for €100,000 2017 Basque Culinary World Prize Include 4 U.S. Teams

“We have tried to ensure that the profiles of the candidates meet different criteria and represent the social aspect, the environment, research and health.  Two of the candidates are working in refugee camps or with refugees, reflecting the current situation we live in.”
–Xavier Medina, UNESCO Chair on Food, Culture and Development of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)

“In my opinion, everything has been of very high quality, seeking excellence in terms of flavor, nutrition and sustainability.”
Elena Arzak, President of the Prize Committee for the 2017 Basque Culinary World Prize

Ten finalists for the 2017 Basque Culinary World Prize — which recognizes a chef who has helped to improve society through gastronomy — were announced on Tuesday, June 13th, at the Palacio Miramar.  Narrowed from a field of 110 nominations, the 10 finalists represent the United States, Spain, Brazil, Turkey, Colombia, Greece, Australia, Italy, and Mexico.

The finalists from the United States — with bios provided by the Prize organizers — include:

José Andrés (pictured in top left corner):  Time magazine cites José Andrés as one of the most influential men on the planet. For Andrés, it’s not enough to have a vast chain of successful restaurants or to be a media figure – it’s about generating lasting change in multiple aspects of the food industry. Based in Washington, the Spanish chef has entered politics to promote immigration and labour reforms, as well as ‘a smarter approach to food policy.’ He also uses his profile to raise funds for projects which use cooking as a driver of social change. A Citizenship Ambassador for the Obama Administration and an ambassador for the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves launched by Hillary Clinton, he also runs his own initiatives including World Central Kitchen, plus education and training programmes in countries such as Haití.

Dan Giusti (bottom row, third from left):  After leaving René Redzepi’s kitchens (with whom he ran Noma), Dan Giusti recently set up Brigaid, an initiative that helps schools rethink the design and functionality of their kitchens. The know-how of talented chefs is brought into school kitchens to generate real, substantial changes. They work to serve ‘real food’ and to rebuild basic yet forgotten practices like taking our time over the food served at our tables.

Anthony Myint (top row, second from left):  Rather than contributing to the problem of climate change, food should be part of the solution.’ So say chef Anthony Myint and writer Karen Leibowitz, who have unflinchingly presented a conscious approach to food by sharing information and tools that create a positive impact on the environment. But, it wasn’t enough just to talk about it. Myint and Leibowitz also founded ZeroFoodprint, an organisation which works with restaurateurs to try to completely eliminate their carbon footprint. As owners of restaurants including The Perennial, they set up The Perennial Farming Initiative to provide funding for programs in ‘progressive agriculture’ and to encourage changes in the industry, from farm to fork.

Daniel Patterson and Roy Choi (bottom row, second from left):  Daniel Patterson’s extensive experience in fine dining merges with Roy Choi’s expertise in street-food to create Locol, a joint restaurant chain project in the USA committed to changing the fast-food concept. Far from being some fantasy around healthy eating, Locol is a very real project that benefits all involved. The initiative supports a “fast-food revolution” and changes the stigmatized link between race, food and poverty to show that we can eat better for less.

Bios of the other global finalists can be found here.

The winner will be announced July 18th in Mexico.  The Basque Culinary World Prize will receive €100,000 for a project chosen by the winner, expressing the transformative power of cuisine, awarded by Spain’s Basque Culinary Center (BCC).

Read more about the Basque Culinary World Prize at

Read our 2016 articles “Chefs Around the Globe Who Are Transforming Society Recognized by New Basque Culinary World Prize” (May 26, 2016) and “Winner of the Inaugural 2016 Basque Culinary World Prize:  Venezuela’s Maria Fernanda di Giacobbe” (July 11, 2016).