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“Publicity is like the air we breathe; if we have it not, we die.”

—Chef and cookbook author Alexis Soyer (1810-1858), as quoted in Becoming A Chef (p. 8)

Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg are happy to be interviewed by the media on subjects related to food and drink — including chefs, cooking, culinary creativity, culinary trends, flavor development, flavor dynamics, flavor pairings, food, food and beverage pairing, menu design, nutrition, plant-strong diet, restaurant criticism, restaurants, vegetarian and vegan cuisine, wine, and other aspects of eating and drinking and dining in America.

They can be reached directly via email at, or via cell at 646.715.3540.

To schedule an interview and/or to obtain a review copy of THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE, please contact Little, Brown c/o Zea Moscone ( at 212.364.1464.

2016 media mentions include, Austin American-Statesman, Birmingham, Chatelaine, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Cosmopolitan,,, Food & Wine,, Forbes Travel Guide,, Louisville Courier-Journal, New York Times Style, People, Pittsburgh, Restaurant Hospitality, San Diego,, Time Out, Town & Style, Zoomer, and more.

2015 media mentions include Alabama, Allegro Poetry Magazine, The Australian, Cheers, Chicago Tribune, Christian Science Monitor, CNN, DNA, Fast Company, Food & Wine, Heritage Radio Network, Huffington Post, The Jakarta Post, James Beard Foundation’s Delights & Prejudices, Los Angeles Times, Miami Herald, Milwaukee, Minneapolis Star Tribune, National Geographic, NewsCorp Australia, New York Times, Oldways Preservation Trust, Olive, PBS, Psychology Today, Publishers Weekly, Restaurant Hospitality, Scout,, Wisconsin Public Radio, and more.

Latest Media Mentions

Mar 16, 2017:

THE FLAVOR BIBLE One of “11 Cookbooks Everyone Should Own”

Calling it “the ultimate cookbook round-up,” editor Jessica Teich of USA Today‘s revealed on March 3rd her staff’s picks for “11 Cookbooks Everyone Should Own” — which we were delighted to see include THE FLAVOR BIBLE.

Mar 16, 2017:

Ayesha Curry Names CULINARY ARTISTRY and THE FLAVOR BIBLE As Favorites

Food Network host Ayesha Curry is interviewed by about her favorite cookbooks — and manages to mention both CULINARY ARTISTRY and THE FLAVOR BIBLE.  When asked to name “3 Cookbooks That Should Be In Every Kitchen,” she names, “Mine – The Seasoned Life.  Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child.  CULINARY ARTISTRY by Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page.”  Then, when asked to name “The Best Cookbook for Ultra-Foodies,” she names “THE FLAVOR BIBLE by Andrew Dornenburg and Karen A. Page.”

Feb 14, 2017:

“The Top 25 All-Time Favorite Cookbooks” Include THE FLAVOR BIBLE

Christopher Kimball of Milk Street conducted a Twitter poll of all-time favorite cookbooks, which led to his compilation of a list of “The Top 25 All-Time Favorite Cookbooks,” which includes THE FLAVOR BIBLE.

Twitter fan poll: Top 25 all-time favorite cookbooks

Christopher recently asked his Twitter followers to list their all-time favorite cookbooks. These are the top twenty-five from that list, organized by number of votes. We were surprised by the mixing of classics (especially Betty Crocker and The Joy of Cooking) with more modern works. We were

Feb 5, 2017:

Kripalu Chef Chef Jeremy Rock Smith Recommends THE FLAVOR BIBLE

The blog Fit Is a Feminist Issue mentions THE FLAVOR BIBLE:  “Chef Jeremy Rock Smith put together a variety of tastes in combinations that reflected different cooking traditions (e.g. Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Asian). And he created simple recipes that featured these tastes using vegetables, proteins, and salads. He recommended the book THE FLAVOR BIBLE for anyone interested in exploring flavor combos in more sophisticated ways. I have already ordered it.”

Stretches for my taste buds and exercises for my palate

Two weeks ago, when so many people were at hundreds of Women’s Marches all over the US and the world, I was at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Wellness with my friend Norah. While she was doing a y…

Feb 1, 2017:

Personal Trainer Counts THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE As Her New BFF

Boston-based Certified Personal Trainer Nicole Perr of Pumps & Iron features THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE among her favorite things of the month, writing, “If you love to cook but often feel like you have no clue what you’re doing *raises hand*, I highly recommend THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE (carnivore friends, check out THE  FLAVOR BIBLE). It’s an exhaustive guide to creating new dishes and flavor combinations that actually work. Similar to an encyclopedia, you look up an ingredient, cuisine, etc. and it will give you all the information you need on it, including a list of other ingredients that pair well. I’ve found it SO helpful in creating new recipes for the blog! When it comes to seasoning, sauces and dressings, I’m not the most confident chef so this book has seriously become my best friend in the kitchen.”

My Favorite Things: January

How precious is my parents’ dog with his little head through a wreath?! Since I didn’t do one of these roundups for December (hot damn was Dec a wash for me haha), I’ve got a jumbo-sized edition of Favorite Things for you today that includes the last two months.

Feb 1, 2017:

Buffalo Chef Names THE FLAVOR BIBLE A “Go-To Food Reference Book”

Nick Guy of Buffalo Spree interviews Chef Will Petersen of Lait Cru Brasserie about his influences, asking him about “Your go-to food reference cookbook,” which he names as “THE FLAVOR BIBLE, Bouchon Bistro, and my phone.”

On the Line / Will Petersen

Will Petersen’s journey into a culinary career began when a backpacking trip across Europe cemented his decision to leave Canisius College after three years and enroll in cooking school. Since then, he has worked under some of Buffalo’s most lauded chefs, including James Roberts and Mike Andrzejewski, and competed in American Culinary Federation competitions at the regional level.

Jan 26, 2017:

Scottsdale Chef Relies On THE FLAVOR BIBLE For Menu Development

Christina Barrueta of Write On Rubee profiles Chef Chris Neff of Lincoln Restaurant in Scottsdale, who mentions THE FLAVOR BIBLE as a part of his menu development process:  “For the last two weeks, I’ve had meetings where we’ll come in an hour early and sit down with THE FLAVOR BIBLE. I’ll tell them my ideas that I want to run with and then I’ll say ‘now the ball’s in your court. I’ve talked to you about my vision, now tell me your ideas,whether it’s a dish, five dishes, a vegetable you’ve found or a cool product.’ Even if it doesn’t make it on the menu, I’ll have them develop a recipe card and run it as a special. There was always somebody there to help me and teach me, and I try to do the same for my staff.”

MEET THE CHEF: Executive Chef Chris Neff of Lincoln Restaurant

The impetus for this website was to put a spotlight on the amazing talent we have here in the Valley of the Sun, and Executive Chef Chris Neff is one of those culinary treasures.

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