USA Today‘s Editors Name Our Book THE FLAVOR BIBLE As One of “11 Cookbooks Everyone Should Own”

Sunday, March 5, 2017

“Here at Reviewed, our staff has strong opinions on…well, pretty much everything. So when I asked them to dish on their favorite cookbooks, of course, I got some seriously poignant testimonials.  With a range of experience (and interest) in cooking and various culinary restrictions, preferences, and backgrounds, there was no overlap in our go-to cookbooks. Here’s what our staff members reach for in the comfort of their own kitchens….”
Jessica Teich (top left), USA Today‘s

Calling it “the ultimate cookbook round-up,” editor Jessica Teich of USA Today‘s revealed on March 3rd her staff’s picks for “11 Cookbooks Everyone Should Own” — which we were delighted to see include THE FLAVOR BIBLE.

Count us proud to find THE FLAVOR BIBLE in the good company of classics like Joy of Cooking and How to Cook Everything, as well as the rest of Teich’s list, which you’ll find here.

Michael Desjardin

THE FLAVOR BIBLE‘s inclusion is apparently thanks to the recommendation of staff writer Michael Desjardin, who wrote of his recommendation “For the Creative Type“:

“This isn’t your traditional book of recipes. In fact, you’re not gonna find any recipes in here at all. Instead, THE FLAVOR BIBLE is a compendium of just about every ingredient you can imagine with lists of complementary flavors and why these pairings tend to work.  I love THE FLAVOR BIBLE because of how it encourages me to engage with my food rather than work my way passively through a basic recipe. It’s like kindling for culinary inspiration; while most cookbooks ask me politely to stay on the trail, THE FLAVOR BIBLE invites me to stray off the beaten path and take risks. After all, isn’t that what cooking is all about?”

Indeed it is, Michael — and our heartfelt thanks to you for saying so! editor Jessica Teich‘s list of the “11 Cookbooks Everyone Should Own” — which features THE FLAVOR BIBLE — can be found at

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