THE FLAVOR BIBLE Celebrates Its Birthday September 16th

Saturday, September 16, 2017

“One of the 10 best cookbooks in the world of the past century.”
–Alex Munipov, Forbes

It’s THE FLAVOR BIBLE‘s birthday today!

We hope you’ll help us celebrate by telling a friend about a book that is beloved by professional chefs and home cooks alike for its ability to inspire creativity in the kitchen.

When we posted word of THE FLAVOR BIBLE‘s birthday on our social media yesterday, our hearts were warmed by comments from readers, including:

“Congratulations! I tell everybody about your book and was carrying it around for inspiration just the other day!”
–Chef Stephanie Abrams of Rotisserie Georgette, via Instagram

“Wonderful book…[greetings] from Colombia.”
–Edwin Acosta, culinary student, via Instagram

“Love these books.”
–James Aptakin, via Facebook

“we heart the flavor bible!!! xx”
–Katie Bell, via Twitter

–Chef Kevin Brothers, via Instagram

“It is not really a cookbook in the traditional sense, it is however, a book every kitchen should have. I use mine on a regular basis and have given it as a gift many times.”
–Bulletpondcook, via Instagram

“One of my favorite & most used books.”
–Michael Buono, via Twitter

“It’s amazing.”
–Santiago Calle, via Facebook

“This is my most used and referenced book. I adore it!”
–CulinaryVagabond, via Instagram

“Developing a recipe without The Flavor Bible. I mean, I could but why would I want to?”
–Danimal, via Twitter

My favorite book!! The Flavor BiBle❤️”
–Veronika Duran, via Facebook

“It is my favorite cookbook….happy birthday and THANK YOU.”
–Karin @yumandmore, via Instagram

–Kiehrauy, via Instagram

“This is my ultimate Cook Book – it always matches up – deliciously – with whatever is in my fridge & pantry! Thanks – y’all make me into a Gourmet chef!!!”
–Molly B. MacKinnon, via Instagram

“It is one of my favorite gifts to young chefs.”
–Namaste_on_a_plate, via Instagram

“My favorite!”
–Chef Carl Watts, via Instagram

“One of my favorites.”
–Element Wines, via Instagram

We’d love to hear how THE FLAVOR BIBLE has influenced you and your cooking — so if you’re so inspired, please feel free to share a comment either here or on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages, in honor of its birthday!  #HappyBirthdayToTheFlavorBible

THE FLAVOR BIBLE is available at better bookstores everywhere, and has been translated into Chinese, French, German, and Russian.

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