Renowned Psychic Fahrusha — Who Helped Us Recover Karen’s Missing Diamond in 2003 — Pals Around with Jimmy Fallon and Blake Shelton on National TV

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Blake Shelton and Jimmy go to a palm reader.

The best psychics in NYC:  From tarot card readers to mediums, we’ve done the research and tracked down the top psychics in New York….Intuitive and remote viewer Fahrusha has been giving readings since her teens. By using palmistry, tarot readings, direct psychic revelation and occasionally reading photographs and handwriting, she has guided many clients through their pressing questions about the future. She has helped former clients in both worldly matters, like recovering lost objects, and celestially with guidance through UFO experiences. Recently, she has brought her extensive knowledge of parapsychology to ‘Shattered Reality,’ her podcast with Kate Valentine.”
Time Out: New York (August 4, 2015)

In our first e-newsletter, which was published in 2004, we shared this now infamous story:

A year ago, much to my horror, I discovered that my diamond had fallen out of the engagement ring Andrew had given me when he’d proposed to me under the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree 14 years earlier. Having no idea whether it had fallen out while on my daily run in Central Park, in our apartment, or somewhere in the miles between, I nonetheless searched our home for the better part of a day — and was devastated when I wasn’t able to find it.

A strange idea crossed my mind, as I suspect it might whenever someone becomes this distraught: I thought about Fahrusha, the lovely woman named one of the city’s top 10 psychics by New York magazine whom I had hired for the prior several years to provide psychic readings as entertainment at an annual alumnae party I organized — even though I was always so busy hosting the party that I’d never asked her for a reading myself.

Since I had already given up all hope of ever finding my diamond, I decided I had nothing to lose. Feeling a bit ridiculous, I called her and explained my predicament. Fahrusha — who’s never set foot in our home — replied matter-of-factly that my diamond had fallen out of the setting when I’d taken my ring off my finger and put it in the white box that I’d put on top of my bureau. (As I had done exactly that before I’d left home to get a manicure, she had my attention!) She told me that my diamond was at an angle that made it hard to spot with the naked eye, and that in the morning Andrew and I should buy a very strong flashlight and shine it around the floor — and that perhaps I might catch a glimpse of its sparkle.

The next morning, we did as she advised. Within 10 minutes of shining the flashlight along the floor of our bedroom, I saw a glint — my diamond!

In addition to earning my eternal gratitude, I thought Fahrusha had at the very least earned lunch at any restaurant of her choice in Manhattan! She mentioned that she had once done readings at a party hosted by a network executive upstairs at Le Bernardin — and that the hors d’oeuvres had been so delicious she’d wondered ever since what it would be like to dine there. My 3+ hour lunch there with Fahrusha was one of the most memorable of my life — for the great pleasure of getting to know Fahrusha better, not to mention the great pleasure of savoring chef Eric Ripert‘s extraordinary cuisine!

Thus, while neither of us understands how Fahrusha gets her information, Andrew and I have learned to listen when she makes predictions….

We still don’t know how Fahrusha is able to get such accurate information, but we and many of our friends have been amazed by our conversations with her — and “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon and his guest Blake Shelton appeared to be hugely entertained during the segment with her that aired last night — which has already been widely reported in Billboard, Broadway World, Entertainment Tonight, et al:

Billboard:  “Blake Shelton & Jimmy Fallon Go to a Palm Reader (and Relentlessly Mock Each Other) on ‘Fallon‘”

Broadway World:  “Jimmy Fallon & Blake Shelton Visit A Palm Reader On TONIGHT SHOW

E! News:  “Blake Shelton and Jimmy Fallon Get Their Palms Read—and It Gets Slightly Risqué

Entertainment Tonight:  “Blake Shelton Gets His Palms Read With Jimmy Fallon, Jokes About Having ‘Too Much Sex’”

Congratulations, Fahrusha!

Fahrusha was featured as one of a dozen “Psychic Superstars” in a New York magazine cover story.  She has also been featured as one of the city’s best psychics in Time Out:New York, and has also made appearances on “The View,” “The Late Show with David Letterman,” National Public Radio, and in the pages of The New York Times.  She cohosts the podcast “Shattered Reality” that can be found at  Her website is, and she can be reached via email at

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