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“Publicity is like the air we breathe; if we have it not, we die.”

—Chef and cookbook author Alexis Soyer (1810-1858), as quoted in Becoming A Chef (p. 8)

Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg are happy to be interviewed by the media on subjects related to food and drink — including chefs, cooking, culinary creativity, culinary trends, flavor development, flavor dynamics, flavor pairings, food, food and beverage pairing, menu design, nutrition, plant-strong diet, restaurant criticism, restaurants, vegetarian and vegan cuisine, wine, and other aspects of eating and drinking and dining in America.

They can be reached directly via email at, or via cell at 646.715.3540.

To schedule an interview and/or to obtain a review copy of KITCHEN CREATIVITY, please contact Little, Brown c/o Zea Moscone ( at 212.364.1464.

Latest Media Mentions

Apr 24, 2019:

THE FLAVOR BIBLE Recommended As a Gift for Foodie Friends

Kylie Myers of The Discoverer chronicles “7 Travel Gifts for Your Foodie Friend,” which include THE FLAVOR BIBLE:

This book is the #1 selling title under “gourmet foods,” aka a must-have for those who savor the art of recipe creation. Let your home chef’s creativity flourish with the help of this read. Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg gathered intel from the world’s top chefs and made an easy guide to bring out ingredients’ most delicious flavors through their complementary and contrasting counterparts. Brand new from $23, the good book will, no doubt, be stained and dog-eared in no time. Consider adding an additional note offering to taste test their creations, you selfless gift giver.

7 Travel Gifts for Your Foodie Friend

Eating to live is a foreign concept to our foodie friends. They live to eat, and when you add in an appreciation for world cultures, you’ve got a traveling food fiend on your hands. Help satiate your foodie friend’s appetite for flavor adventure with these foodie gifts for every budget.

Apr 22, 2019:

THE FLAVOR BIBLE Celebrated on #WorldBookDay in Forbes

Megy Karydas of Forbes interviews heads of culinary nonprofits on #WorldBookDay about their favorite food books — and Doors Open Dishes founder Nicole Schnitzler recommends THE FLAVOR BIBLE.

Celebrate World Book Day With These Recommendations By Food-Focused Non-Profit Organizations

Book lovers don’t need a special day to commemorate our love for books but, let’s be honest, we cannot resist a reason to celebrate books. One of these days I hope to find myself in Barcelona in late April because Catalans know how to celebrate their patron saint, Sant Jordi (or Saint George in English).

Apr 20, 2019:

BuzzFeed: If You Don’t Want to Suck At Cooking, Turn to THE FLAVOR BIBLE

Maitland Quitmeyer of BuzzFeed names the “34 Products for People Who Love Food But Suck At Cooking,” which includes THE FLAVOR BIBLE — one of only two cookbooks to make the list!

34 Products For People Who Love To Eat, But Suck At Cooking

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI – prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

Apr 19, 2019:

Georgia Chef Singles Out THE FLAVOR BIBLE As His “New Favorite Cookbook”

Joe White of Metro Spirit profiles Chef Todd Schafer of Abel Brown Southern Kitchen about his favorite cookbooks, which include THE FLAVOR BIBLE:

My new favorite is THE FLAVOR BIBLE by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg. It is a veritable encyclopedia of ingredient affinities. Does caviar go with cantaloupe? You bet it does, and you can find that pairing in THE FLAVOR BIBLE.

Local Chef Shares Cookbook Love

I enjoyed spending some time with Todd Schafer over the past few months while he oversaw the renovation of his restaurant, Abel Brown Southern Kitchen in Surrey Center. One afternoon last month we were in the kitchen as I described a dish I had seen recently.

Apr 11, 2019:

THE FLAVOR BIBLE One of “5 Essential Cookbooks That Should Be On Your Shelves”

Breakfast magazine names THE FLAVOR BIBLE #3 on its list of “5 Essential Cookbooks That Should Be On Your Shelves.”

5 Cookbooks We Recommend For People Who Have A Great Love For Food

1. A Piece of Cake by Chef Aileen Anastacio and Chef Miko Aspiras There are two kinds of people: the ones who believe that classics are the way to go and the ones who love experimenting and trying something new.

Apr 10, 2019:

THE FLAVOR BIBLE A “Most Turned To” Cookbook by Goop Food Editor

Former Goop food editor turned author and chef Thea Baumann is interviewed on about her top go-to cookbooks, which include THE FLAVOR BIBLE.

A Perfect Spring Brunch Menu From Chef Thea Baumann – Rip & Tan

Thea Baumann has got some serious culinary cred. She’s the former food editor at Goop, has a Diplôme de Cuisine from Le Cordon Bleu (for the rest of us, that’s the big leagues), and co-authored It’s All Easy with Gwyneth Paltrow, the cookbook turned bible for home cooks everywhere.

Mar 30, 2019:

THE FLAVOR BIBLE One of “18 Cookbooks That Cookbook Authors Actually Use”

Award-winning cookbook authors Matt Lee and Ted Lee name “The 18 Cookbooks That Cookbook Authors Actually Use” in The Daily Beast, which include THE FLAVOR BIBLE among them.

The 18 Cookbooks That Cookbook Authors Actually Use

Not that long ago, the cookbook was in grave danger. Pundits were predicting that digital publishing would make ink-on-paper obsolete. After all, ebooks are easy to set, easier to revise, and effortlessly reproduced, warehoused, and shipped. They’re nonperishable-they won’t collect dust or get covered by pasta sauce!

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