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“Publicity is like the air we breathe; if we have it not, we die.”

—Chef and cookbook author Alexis Soyer (1810-1858), as quoted in Becoming A Chef (p. 8)

Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg are happy to be interviewed by the media on subjects related to food and drink — including chefs, cooking, culinary creativity, culinary trends, flavor development, flavor dynamics, flavor pairings, food, food and beverage pairing, menu design, nutrition, plant-strong diet, restaurant criticism, restaurants, vegetarian and vegan cuisine, wine, and other aspects of eating and drinking and dining in America.

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Latest Media Mentions

Apr 23, 2018:

Edible Manhattan Offers Bartenders A Taste Of KITCHEN CREATIVITY

Seanan Forbes of Edible Manhattan writes in “Bartenders: It’s Past Time to Expand Your Reading Beyond Cocktail Books” that KITCHEN CREATIVITY is a great place to start:

“Drawing on decades of culinary connections, Karen Page‘s KITCHEN CREATIVITY taps the wisdom of chefs around the globe. Page’s pages roam from Albert Adriá’s Barcelona to Gavin Kayson’s Minneapolis, gathering insights along the way.

There are keys to understanding guests and keen explorations of topics such as fat, texture and piquancy. Seasons, celebrations, creativity, techniques, traditions, regions…nothing that might influence a kitchen’s potential or a patron’s pleasure goes unexplored.

Go geeky and delve into aromatic principles, strike a brain-spark from Andrew Dornenburg’s photographs, or explore ways to put vivid color in a glass. KITCHEN CREATIVITY will help you turn your craft into art.”

Later on, Forbes adds, “Turning back to Page: If you have THE FLAVOR BIBLE behind your bar, you’re working well. Consider purchasing THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE. Every bit as good as its older book-sibling, Page’s vegetarian guide is even thicker with ingredients you’re likely to use in drinks.  Break the bar-book habit. Your bar, your career and your patrons will reap rewards.”

Bartenders: It’s Past Time to Expand Your Reading Beyond Cocktail Books

Are you a drink professional looking to expand your knowledge and network? Check out our Collective for a community of bartenders, chefs, makers and farmers who want the same. There’s an abundance of fine bartending books in the market and last year alone added the likes of Jim Meehan’s eponymous Meehan’s Bartender Manual , Robert Simonson’s testament to simplicity, 3-Ingredient Cocktails , and Amanda Schuster’s locapour-friendly New York Cocktails .

Apr 13, 2018:

THE FLAVOR BIBLE Named “Essential” by Tasting Table

“The 13 Essential Cookbooks Every Home Cook Should Own,” according to Tasting Table‘s Abby Reisner, include THE FLAVOR BIBLE in the #3 spot.  Reisner comments, “Less a cookbook and more an instruction manual, this companion gives you the tools you need to become a great cook. Spend some time getting to know which flavors play well with others, and you’ll find yourself comfortable freestyling at the stove.”

The 13 Essential Cookbooks Every Home Cook Should Own

Behind every great home cook is a dog-eared cookbook, stained with olive oil and splashes of red wine that they were “cooking with.” Just ask any member of our digital cookbook club (which you can join here), and they’ll tell you: A good book makes for the best sous-chef.

Mar 31, 2018:

Junoon Mixologist Hemant Pathak’s Go-To? THE FLAVOR BIBLE

The Daily Beast columnist Noah Rothbaum interviews award-winning mixologist and bar manager Hemant Pathak of Junoon about his most trusted resources, which include THE FLAVOR BIBLE, about which he comments, “Another go-to is THE FLAVOR BIBLE, which helps me to understand the flavors while I’m creating my creations.”

Going 10 Rounds with Top Bartender Hemant Pathak

What do you like to drink after a shift? “One of my all-time favorites is a well-stirred Negroni with a little extra gin than Campari and sweet vermouth. No matter how tired, happy or upset I am, this cocktail always keeps me going.” What is the all-time best dive bar jukebox song?

Mar 30, 2018:

Harlem Bartender Naima Williams Recommends THE FLAVOR BIBLE

Award-winning New York City bartender Naima Williams is interviewed by about her favorite resources behind the bar, which include THE FLAVOR BIBLE.  When asked, “What books are essential to have behind the bar?” she replies, “THE FLAVOR BIBLE, Liquid Intelligence, Three Ingredient Cocktails, Meehan’s Bartender Manual.”

Lookbook: Naima Williams, New York Bartender | PUNCH

This story is published in partnership with Bacardi’s Spirit Forward Women in Leadership series, an annual summit dedicated to championing the spirits trade community and accelerating the advancement of women. For more information, and to find out how you can attend the program’s five-city tour, click here.

Mar 30, 2018:

THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE Named One of Chefs’ 16 Favorite Veg Cookbooks

New York magazine’s Maxine Builder features “The Best Vegetarian and Vegan Cookbooks, According to Vegetarian and Vegan Chefs” in “The Strategist,” which mentions THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE.  Dirt Candy chef-owner Amanda Cohen comments, “I wouldn’t recommend it for first-timers, but if you really want to step up your game, Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg’s Vegetarian Flavor Bible is what you need. It’s not a cookbook, but more like the ultimate reference work for vegetarian food. It focuses on flavor pairings, like explaining why grapefruit pairs with fennel and arugula, which is the kind of thing that I find invaluable for thinking about recipes. Page is more of a vegetarian advocate than I am, but even so, her book rewires how you create dishes, putting the focus not on slavishly following steps and measurements, but forcing you to dissect flavor, mouthfeel, and making you really think about your food. Who would have thought to pair achiote seeds with coriander without this book?”

The Best Vegetarian and Vegan Cookbooks, According to Vegetarian and Vegan Chefs

Maybe you’re finally feeling ready to eat a more plant-based diet, but aren’t totally sure how to prepare vegetables without being totally boring. Maybe you’ve decided to give up all animal products in your diet, but aren’t sure where to start, or maybe you’re a longtime vegetarian or vegan who’s trying to shake up your routine and get a few new vegetarian recipes under your belt.

Mar 29, 2018:

A Doctor’s Rx: If You Cook And/Or Make Cocktails, You Need THE FLAVOR BIBLE

Covering cocktails for three decades, Doc Elliott (who is indeed a doctor — an anesthesiologist, in fact) recommends THE FLAVOR BIBLE on  “I enjoy pairing cocktails with food, especially if creating a new drink. We were serving salmon and asparagus the other day. Since asparagus does not pare with any wine, this seemed the perfect opportunity for a cocktail! Cue THE FLAVOR BIBLE.  (If you cook, and or make cocktails, you need this book!) I simply looked up salmon and asparagus comparing them for complementary flavors in common. I chose thyme, lemon and carrots. Yes, carrots.”

The Mad Hatter Martini

I enjoy paring cocktails with food, especially if creating a new drink. We were serving salmon and asparagus the other day. Since asparagus does not pare with any wine, this seemed the perfect opportunity for a cocktail! Cue the Flavor Bible. (If you cook, and or make cocktails, you need this book!)

Mar 3, 2018:

THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE Helps You “Heal With Food” features THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE as its “Book of the Week,” writing:

“Created by culinary expert and award-winning author Karen Page, THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE is a real treasure trove of ideas for healthy plant-based meals. But before you get a copy of this massive 576-page book, know this: instead of showcasing a bunch of recipes, this unusual cookbook delivers ideas and inspiration by providing an A-to-Z listing of hundreds of plant-based whole foods, cross-referenced with the vegetables, herbs and spices that best enhance their flavors. To learn more about how to use this extraordinary book to sharpen your healthy cooking skills, read this fascinating interview with Karen Page.”

Heal Your Body With Food and Optimal Nutrition |

Extensive information on how you can heal your body with food and optimal nutrition. Includes a list of healing foods in season, recipes with health benefits, daily nutrition tips, and more!

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