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Mar 30, 2019:

FORBES: THE FLAVOR BIBLE Has “Become Required Reading Today for Top Bartenders”

Forbes contributor Joseph Micallef interviews bartending legends Ray and Jackie Foley of Bartender magazine and, who share: “There’s a whole new awareness and appreciation nowadays among bartenders about how flavors come together and how drinks can complement food. Books like THE FLAVOR BIBLE have become required reading today for top bartenders.

The American Cocktail Scene: A Conversation With Ray & Jackie Foley

It’s still bartenders who have created – and continue to create – the most interesting and enduring cocktails. Spirits companies provide the paint, and bartenders create the art. I like to think that’s what I did back in 1985, when I created the Fuzzy Navel.

Mar 26, 2019:

Andrew Dornenburg Cited Among Dyslexic Achievers

The website celebrates Dyslexic Achievers in a variety of professional fields, recognizing award-winning author Andrew Dornenburg in its round-up of nonfiction writers with dyslexia.  Aside from the world’s greatest genius Leonardo da Vinci, other dyslexics featured range from “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams to poet William Butler Yeats.

List of Dyslexic Achievers

Individual Sports: Team Sports: Law & Justice: Political and Military Leaders: Andrew Jackson Dan Malloy Erna Solberg Gavin Newsom George Patton George Washington King Carl XVI Gustaf Nelson Rockefeller Paul Wellstone Woodrow Wilson Actors: Music and Dance: Health Sciences: Research Scientists: Film & Photography Painting, Sculpting, Digital Arts Fiction Writers: Journalists: Literature for Children and Young Adults: Nonfiction: Poets: Find out more on these websites:

Mar 19, 2019:

Is THE FLAVOR BIBLE “The Most Genius Book Of All Time”?

The Daily Beast‘s Noah Rothbaum interviews award-winning bartender Eryn Reece (currently of New York City’s Banzarbar) about her influences, and she mentions THE FLAVOR BIBLE as perhaps “the most genius book of all time.”

Johnny Cash, Anthony Bourdain & Tiki: Drinks With Eryn Reece

What do you like to drink after a shift? “Usually something simple, my normal go to is a nice crisp glass of white wine.” What is the all-time best dive bar jukebox song? “Johnny Cash, “Folsom Prison Blues,” just slightly rowdy with some grit.”

Mar 17, 2019:

THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE Named One of “10 Plant-Based Cookbooks That Will Make You Want to Cook Vegetables”

Leah Vanderveldt of features “10 Plant-Based Cookbooks That Will Make You Want to Cook Vegetables” — with THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE appearing at number two, with this description:

“In Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg’s 2008 book, THE FLAVOR BIBLE, they compiled advice from restaurant chefs across America about ideal flavor combinations. THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE dives deeper into all the plant-specific flavors you can mix and match. Great for when you’re wondering what to do with a bumper crop of beets.”

10 Plant-Based Cookbooks That Will Make You Want To Cook Vegetables

Something amazing is happening in the food world right now – vegetables are becoming the cool thing to cook. Chefs, bloggers and home cooks are all embracing more plant-based dishes and one of the great results is an array of dazzling and inspiring vegetable-centric cookbooks.

Mar 11, 2019:

THE FLAVOR BIBLE Cited As “The Best Cookbook on Flavors”

Chef’s Pencil interviews Indian-born Washington, DC chef Rupen Rao about his influences, including his favorite cookbooks — and he mentions THE FLAVOR BIBLE as “the best cookbook on flavors.”

Rupen Rao on Indian Cuisine, Indian Cookbooks and His Indian Sauce Brand – Chefs Pencil

Born in Mumbai, India, Rupen Rao is an Indian food entrepreneur and instructor currently residing in Washington, D.C. Rupen has taught Indian cuisine at Whole Foods and CulinAerie, a premier cooking school in DC. He is the author of three Indian cookbooks and has recently launched his line of delicious Indian simmer sauces.

Mar 7, 2019:

THE FLAVOR BIBLE Named #4 Best Culinary Textbook of 2019

In the company of On Food and Cooking, Escoffier, and The Professional Chef, THE FLAVOR BIBLE was named one of the 10 Best Culinary Textbooks of 2019, coming in at number 4. “No one can memorize all the different components that taste good together, which is why you’ll find THE FLAVOR BIBLE on the shelves of many accomplished chefs around the world,” according to “It’s an exceptional reference that will serve you well throughout your career. It helps de-mystify exotic combinations and covers a huge list of ingredients. It aids in creativity and improvisation.”

10 Best Culinary Textbooks 2019

UPDATED RANKING ►► Disclaimer: These choices may be out of date. You need to go to to see the most recent updates to the list. Our complete review, including our selection for the year’s best culinary textbook, is exclusively available on Ezvid Wiki.

Mar 6, 2019:

THE FLAVOR BIBLE Hits #5 on Milwaukee Bestseller List March 2nd

THE FLAVOR BIBLE makes the March 2nd bestseller list at Boswell and Books in Milwaukee, coming in at #5 on its Hardcover Nonfiction list.

The late-ish Boswell bestsellers for the week ending Tuesday, March 2, 2019

Just a little bit late – the Boswell bestsellers for the week ending March 2, 2019 Hardcover Fiction: 1. What We Were Promised, by Lucy Tan 2. Black Leopard, Red Wolf, by Marlon James 3. The Border V3: The Power of the Dog, by Don Winslow 4. The Overstory, by Richard Powers 5.