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Feb 10, 2019:

THE FLAVOR BIBLE Recommended When “Improvising In the Kitchen”

The Kitchen Counter Podcast mentions THE FLAVOR BIBLE in its episode on “Improvising In The Kitchen”:

Improvising in the Kitchen – The Kitchen Counter Podcast

Most home cooks hope they can one day master the fine art of improvising in the kitchen; that is, being able to cook a variety of dishes with ingredients on-hand without a recipe. The good news? Every time you cook something you are gaining experience and building your improvisational muscles.

Jan 30, 2019:

THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE One of “10 Plant-Based Cookbooks That Will Make You Want to Cook Vegetables”

In Leah Vanderveldt’s article “10 Plant-Based Cookbooks That Will Make You Want To Cook Vegetables” for, she recommends THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE, writing:

“In Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg’s 2008 book, THE FLAVOR BIBLE, they compiled advice from restaurant chefs across America about ideal flavor combinations.  THE VEGETARIAN FLAVOR BIBLE dives deeper into all the plant-specific flavors you can mix and match. Great for when you’re wondering what to do with a bumper crop of beets.”

10 Plant-Based Cookbooks That Will Make You Want To Cook Vegetables

Something amazing is happening in the food world right now – vegetables are becoming the cool thing to cook. Chefs, bloggers and home cooks are all embracing more plant-based dishes and one of the great results is an array of dazzling and inspiring vegetable-centric cookbooks.

Jan 23, 2019:

THE FLAVOR BIBLE “A Fantastic Resource” When Creating Recipes From Scratch

Erin of writes about “How to Create A Recipe from Scratch,” mentioning THE FLAVOR BIBLE:

“What supporting ingredients will boost the flavor of the star ingredient and make it taste its best? (I pay attention to this when I eat out too.)  THE FLAVOR BIBLE is a fantastic resource when I’m deciding which spices to add or looking for complementary flavors. If you are interested in improving your cooking, check it out!”

Cookbook Recipe Development – Turning Ideas into Recipes

It’s hard to believe that I’m wrapping up the recipe testing for my cookbook, which will be coming out in Spring 2020! Leading up to its release (which I know feels far away but will be here before we know it!), I wanted to share some of the behind-the-scenes of what has gone into its creation.

Jan 14, 2019:

THE FLAVOR BIBLE Named by Esquire As The Only Cookbook Your Need to Elevate Your Cooking

Justin Kirkland of Esquire names THE FLAVOR BIBLE to the magazine’s list of “11 Best Cooking Essentials to Elevate Your Cooking Beyond Beginner Level” — as the only cookbook mentioned:

THE FLAVOR BIBLE is for the ambitious chef who doesn’t mind kicking out a recipe to experiment a little. The book takes everyday ingredients and helps you figure out what other flavors go best with them, strengthening your culinary knowledge of salty, sweet, sour, and bitter flavors.

11 Kitchen Tools That’ll Turn You Into a Top Chef

There comes a time in every person’s life when they feel the need to upgrade their kitchen from beginner status to next level. And now, you’re one of those people. You’re done with dull knives and repeat flavor combinations. You’re better than that.

Jan 11, 2019:

THE FLAVOR BIBLE Is “Secret Weapon” When Creating Mocktails

Jill Barth of Forbes mentions THE FLAVOR BIBLE in “These Elegant, Alcohol-Free Drinks Are Perfect For Wine Lovers”:

Many mocktail recipe books are the market, but Clark says her secret weapon in experimentation is THE FLAVOR BIBLE (Little, Brown and Company) by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg. “You want to build a drink around grapefruit? It will tell you all the spices, herbs, fruits, etc. that pair well with grapefruit,” recommends [Marnie] Clark [of Marnie Rae].

These Elegant, Alcohol-Free Drinks Are Perfect For Wine Lovers

Marnie Rae creates alcohol-free drink recipes and menus, but there’s something bigger behind Marnie Clark’s inspiration. The second full week of January is now National Mocktail Week, a symbol created by Clark herself to bring together more likeminded people and ideal for dry January.

Jan 8, 2019:

THE FLAVOR BIBLE Inspires “Ideas for What Works with What”

Feast magazine profiles Naomi Roquet, who mentions THE FLAVOR BIBLE among her inspirations:

“Q.  What inspires your work? How do you approach drink R&D, and what inspires that process? A.  I’m inspired by the kitchen, and definitely the seasons. When it comes to R&D, I don’t do it all in a week or a day. I slowly get ideas and look at what ingredients I already have and what I could add to them. I use THE FLAVOR BIBLE a lot to get ideas for what works with what or see if I can make something work. Sometimes the cocktails on my menu are cocktails that I just randomly came up with for guests when they want something that’s not on the menu. The first cocktail I actually created for [Reeds] was something for a guest; they wanted something smoky and spicy, so I put something together, and it was the first one I ever put on my menu. So sometimes it’s influenced by the guests, which is perfect, because the drinks are for them.”

Reeds American Table’s Naomi Roquet Talks Porcini Simple Syrup, Why You Should be Sipping Reposado and Education Behind the Bar

Hospitality and service have been at the heart of Naomi Roquet’s career so far, from an early gig making coffee at Starbucks to running the bar program today at Reeds American Table. She first explored her passion for craft cocktails and bartending at Prasino in St.

Jan 4, 2019:

Chef Jim Berman Recommends KITCHEN CREATIVITY for “Inspiration”

Chef Jim Berman reviews KITCHEN CREATIVITY for, writing:

“Duplicating what somebody else is doing only works for a short time. Without invention, there is no staying power. If you need some inspiration, look to Karen Page’s new book KITCHEN CREATIVITY [which] explores where creativity is born, how to grow it, and how not to screw it up. Author Karen Page goes deep into the creative process. Getting Rene Redzepi to talk about burnout, Patrick O’Connell to explain role playing (not that role playing) and Heston Blumenthal to uncover inspiration, for example, is a start at understanding what makes notable chefs ooze accomplishment. We can envy them and even resonate jealousy with their ability to stir souls, but there is no denying that they do their jobs well. Page puts together their ideas in a flow that allows us to glean their inspiration.”

Book Review: Kitchen Creativity by Karen Page – The Poached Blog

Kitchen Creativity: Unlocking Genius – with Wisdom, Inspiration, and Ideas from the World’s Most Creative Chefs explores where creativity is born, how to grow it, and how not to screw it up. Author Karen Page goes deep into the creative process.